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This carpet was cleaned as part of an end of tenancy contract. The tenants had used a hire machine in order to clean the carpet which had multiple blood stains and gummy spots. The hire machine proved to be insufficient in cleaning the carpet both chemically and physically. The end result was a sticky residue due to the chemical used, and soil deposits from the underwhelming vacuum power. The inproper removal of water in this carpet would have provided the perfect environment for bad bacteria growth. A photo of before carpet cleaning Cirencester can be seen below:

Carpet Cleaner Cirencester - Tenancy (After) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Cirencester – Before Cleaning

It goes without saying this has many health risks, especially in regards to the blood stains not being hygienically treated. The carpet was treated with an antibacterial cleaning solution, and the gummy spots were tackled. Because the carpet had a high wool content, there was a risk that the blood stains would become permanently stained. This meant a longer dwell time for the cleaning solution to completely penetrate the woollen fibres. The carpet was then applied with another cleaning solution and agitated for optimal results. The additional cleaning solution was to target any general dirt and grime that remained.

Carpet Cleaner Cirencester - Tenancy (After) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Cirencester – After Cleaning

Finally the carpet was hot water extracted. You can see the results of the carpet clean above. As a precaution we gave the carpet a light overspray of the antibacterial solution to continue working on the carpet as all the soil had been removed from the carpet. This meant the treatment would be more effective, making it safer for the new tenants.

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