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We are carpet cleaners Gloucester, and this job was part of an end of tenancy contract. The tenant had been living here for 3 years, and decided to spruce up the carpet half way through the tenancy. The tenant chose to opt for a hire machine. As professional carpet cleaners, you can imagine we have much to say on this subject. Fear not, this isn’t a rant, so we’ll keep it short and sweet.

These hire machines use a detergent for their cleaning chemical. Detergents, in their very nature are sticky. They grab indiscriminately onto dirt and carpet alike, and won’t let go. Sticky means unless you have adequate water flow, enough heat and enough vacuum power (a powerful extraction machine) you will leave a residue in your carpet. Sticky residue means a sticky carpet. A sticky carpet will get dirtier quicker than a clean carpet. So in the short term, it might seem worth saving your money. But in the photo below you can see what really happens over time.

Carpet Cleaner Gloucester - DIY Disaster (Before) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Gloucester – Before cleaning.

Of course, sometimes the tenant will use a hire machine on several occasions, resulting in an even greater build up of stickiness. We used our unique colloidal cleaning solution to shatter the detergent and dirt, fragmenting them into more water friendly molecules. These will then remain suspended in the free rinsing cleaning solution ready for extraction. The end result of the profesional carpet cleaning Gloucester can be seen below:

Carpet Cleaner Gloucester - DIY Disaster (After) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Gloucester – After carpet cleaning.

When extracting the carpet, we allowed for the large volume of detergent and increased the water flow. This ensured that all the detergent was thoroughly rinsed out of the carpet. The result of this modern cleaning science is a carpet that is deep cleaned, and will not re-soil at at accelerated rate. Don’t forget a happy tenant who had their deposit returned.

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