Carpet Cleaner Stroud – Ink and Spills

Carpet Cleaner Stroud

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner Stroud, here’s what we can do for you. The small black stain on this carpet was an ink stain which had not been treated in any way. This meant the ink was not spread around and much more controllable when treating. Because it was a smaller area to treat it meant the risk of further spreading was lower. On the other hand, frequent blotting was required to help control this, but resulted in an effective removal. The two larger stains were spills of some sort and required a bit more attention. Because this carpet pile was so long, plenty of agitation was required on these spills. In order to reach the further down the carpet fibres a soft brush was required (as seen below). Thankfully, this carpet had a 100% polypropylene face pile which meant it was fairly resistant to water soluble stains such as these.

Carpet Cleaner Stroud - Ink and Spills (Before) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Stroud – Before the stains were treated…

These stains are considered problem stains because they need to be tackled seperately from general soiling. Therefore advanced stain treatment techniques are necessary, especially in the cases of wine and tea stains. As this carpet is solution dyed polypropylene, the risk of colours being set in is reduced greatly due to the ‘impervious’ nature of the material. However, the improper use of certain household carpet spotters can create the conditions needed for permanent colour loss/damage, so be careful when using these products.

Carpet Cleaner Stroud- Ink and Spills (After) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Stroud…after treatment.

So the advanced stain treatment was a success thanks to the stains being relatively recent, and the polypropylene face pile was an advantage in this case. As the last photo shows, the carpet looked good when finished with.

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