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Carpet Cleaner Gloucester – DIY Disaster

Professional Carpet Cleaner Gloucester

We are carpet cleaners Gloucester, and this job was part of an end of tenancy contract. The tenant had been living here for 3 years, and decided to spruce up the carpet half way through the tenancy. The tenant chose to opt for a hire machine. As professional carpet cleaners, you can imagine we have much to say on this subject. Fear not, this isn’t a rant, so we’ll keep it short and sweet.

These hire machines use a detergent for their cleaning chemical. Detergents, in their very nature are sticky. They grab indiscriminately onto dirt and carpet alike, and won’t let go. Sticky means unless you have adequate water flow, enough heat and enough vacuum power (a powerful extraction machine) you will leave a residue in your carpet. Sticky residue means a sticky carpet. A sticky carpet will get dirtier quicker than a clean carpet. So in the short term, it might seem worth saving your money. But in the photo below you can see what really happens over time.

Carpet Cleaner Gloucester - DIY Disaster (Before) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Gloucester – Before cleaning.

Of course, sometimes the tenant will use a hire machine on several occasions, resulting in an even greater build up of stickiness. We used our unique colloidal cleaning solution to shatter the detergent and dirt, fragmenting them into more water friendly molecules. These will then remain suspended in the free rinsing cleaning solution ready for extraction. The end result of the profesional carpet cleaning Gloucester can be seen below:

Carpet Cleaner Gloucester - DIY Disaster (After) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Gloucester – After carpet cleaning.

When extracting the carpet, we allowed for the large volume of detergent and increased the water flow. This ensured that all the detergent was thoroughly rinsed out of the carpet. The result of this modern cleaning science is a carpet that is deep cleaned, and will not re-soil at at accelerated rate. Don’t forget a happy tenant who had their deposit returned.

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Carpet Cleaner Cheltenham – A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Cheltenham – A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Cheltenham

This polypropylene carpet in Cheltenham had taken a real beating over the years. A large accumulation of grease from the kitchen is the cause for the concentrated dirt build up. This is because the grease attracts any soil and will cling to it. This problem is compounded by the fact that this carpet is looped. Due to this the dirt (and grease in this case) are going to be harder to remove. This requires more cleaning solution and more rinse water. These loops will also make the carpet harder wearing, so a yearly clean would prevent too much soil build up.

The example of carpet cleaner Cheltenham below shows just how the carpet can look after the right cleaning solution is used;

Carpet Cleaner Cheltenham by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpeted stairs are also an area in the household which will receive a high concentration of footfall and soil. Couple this with the fact that many of us are guilty of not regularly vacuuming this area, and you’d be surprised at what can be pulled out of the carpet. Below is a photo of the stairs carpet in the same property which showed up nicely too:

Carpet Cleaner Cheltenham -Stair Halfway Clean

When the carpet cleaning Cheltenham was completed, all the carpets looked as good as new. With the correct maintenance these carpets will last for years to come. Also of note, is that after the initial 6 months of being harder wearing than a woollen carpet, it will soon become dull in areas of regular footfall. This effect can be significantly reduced with a regular maintanence clean every 12 months.

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Carpet Cleaner Stroud – Ink and Spills

Carpet Cleaner Stroud

If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner Stroud, here’s what we can do for you. The small black stain on this carpet was an ink stain which had not been treated in any way. This meant the ink was not spread around and much more controllable when treating. Because it was a smaller area to treat it meant the risk of further spreading was lower. On the other hand, frequent blotting was required to help control this, but resulted in an effective removal. The two larger stains were spills of some sort and required a bit more attention. Because this carpet pile was so long, plenty of agitation was required on these spills. In order to reach the further down the carpet fibres a soft brush was required (as seen below). Thankfully, this carpet had a 100% polypropylene face pile which meant it was fairly resistant to water soluble stains such as these.

Carpet Cleaner Stroud - Ink and Spills (Before) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Stroud – Before the stains were treated…

These stains are considered problem stains because they need to be tackled seperately from general soiling. Therefore advanced stain treatment techniques are necessary, especially in the cases of wine and tea stains. As this carpet is solution dyed polypropylene, the risk of colours being set in is reduced greatly due to the ‘impervious’ nature of the material. However, the improper use of certain household carpet spotters can create the conditions needed for permanent colour loss/damage, so be careful when using these products.

Carpet Cleaner Stroud- Ink and Spills (After) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Stroud…after treatment.

So the advanced stain treatment was a success thanks to the stains being relatively recent, and the polypropylene face pile was an advantage in this case. As the last photo shows, the carpet looked good when finished with.

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Carpet Cleaner Cirencester – Tenancy Trouble

A+ Cleaning Services – Professional Carpet Cleaner Cirencester

This carpet was cleaned as part of an end of tenancy contract. The tenants had used a hire machine in order to clean the carpet which had multiple blood stains and gummy spots. The hire machine proved to be insufficient in cleaning the carpet both chemically and physically. The end result was a sticky residue due to the chemical used, and soil deposits from the underwhelming vacuum power. The inproper removal of water in this carpet would have provided the perfect environment for bad bacteria growth. A photo of before carpet cleaning Cirencester can be seen below:

Carpet Cleaner Cirencester - Tenancy (After) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Cirencester – Before Cleaning

It goes without saying this has many health risks, especially in regards to the blood stains not being hygienically treated. The carpet was treated with an antibacterial cleaning solution, and the gummy spots were tackled. Because the carpet had a high wool content, there was a risk that the blood stains would become permanently stained. This meant a longer dwell time for the cleaning solution to completely penetrate the woollen fibres. The carpet was then applied with another cleaning solution and agitated for optimal results. The additional cleaning solution was to target any general dirt and grime that remained.

Carpet Cleaner Cirencester - Tenancy (After) by A+ Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaner Cirencester – After Cleaning

Finally the carpet was hot water extracted. You can see the results of the carpet clean above. As a precaution we gave the carpet a light overspray of the antibacterial solution to continue working on the carpet as all the soil had been removed from the carpet. This meant the treatment would be more effective, making it safer for the new tenants.

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Cirencester Carpet Cleaning – Flat Flooded

A+ Cleaning Services – Cirencester Carpet Cleaning

This carpet in Cirencester had suffered from a water leak. As the carpet dried out, the water pulled soil up to the surface. This is called peripheral soil deposition, and is clearly visible in the first photo of Cirencester carpet cleaning below;

Cirencester Carpet Cleaning - Flat Flooded (Before) by A+ Cleaning Services

Cirencester Carpet Cleaning – Before cleaning.

The tenant had tried to rectify the problem using a hire machine, but only worsened the situation. This is down to the fact that a hire machine is essentially budget-kit and not appropriate for this job. The story would have been very different had there been any natural fibres present in the carpet. The slow drying times could cause cellulosic yellowing, which, unless treated correctly, may become permanent. This yellowing (or in some cases a very strong orange/brown colour) won’t “clean” out, because there is no physical substance to remove. Soil deposition is as the name implies, and is usually easy enough to clean out. The photo of carpet cleaning Cirencester below shows the cleaning in action:

Cirencester Carpet Cleaning - Flat Flooded (Middle) by A+ Cleaning Services

Cirencester Carpet Cleaning – Intermediate stage.

Another issue caused by flooding and water leaks is often a bad odour remaining even after the carpet has dried. This carpet in Cirencester was situated in a flat with poor air flow. This of course meant the order was far from acceptable. Therefore a large portion of work done to the carpet was deodorising with the windows thrown open.

Cirencester Carpet Cleaning - Flat Flooded (After) by A+ Cleaning Services

Cirencester Carpet Cleaning – Extraction in process.


As the photo above shows, the carpet cleaned up nicely, and our powerful extraction removed all traces of odour from the carpet. For more information on what we can do for you, click here.

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